I keep having to rephrase Bye Felicia to nice Felicias.

2021.12.08 17:03 lady__jane I keep having to rephrase Bye Felicia to nice Felicias.

I just talked to a perfectly nice Felicia, and she was very cordial with her Bye, So and So. And then I'm rethinking my "Bye, Felicia." Same with Karen - the only Karen I know is a laidback gardening lady and certainly less of a pain than I am as a nominally non-Karen.
Someone told me that it's pretty bad that women get such negative PR if they complain even rightfully; their concerns are minimized when called a Karen or Boomer, etc.
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2021.12.08 17:03 Cksongz Big 2 digimon

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2021.12.08 17:03 Ethan-J-T How did they do it so fast

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2021.12.08 17:03 ADHD-RN What is society?

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2021.12.08 17:03 Helloworld123467 Am I over reacting?

We have 2 adorable mutts Daisy (10yr old Pitt) and Coda (6yr old pitt/hound). I love them both so much. We found Daisy on the side of the road when she was about 2 years old. We didn’t realize it when we decided to take her in but she has pretty bad dog aggression. It’s weird bc if she spends like half an hour getting to know a dog (while muzzled and leashed) she’s fine and they’re best friends, but if she sees a dog she doesn’t know or hasn’t seen in a while she goes nuts (she’s bit a dog that walked up to her and a few other incidents like that). She’s also great with people and pretty low energy now, she’s never shown any aggression toward a human except she once bit my husband who was trying to intervene between her and a dog. We had a lot of issues with it when she was younger when we used to live in a city/suburb. We spend thousands to try to work through the issues but it didn’t really help too much. So we moved to a house with a big (2 acre) fenced in back yard and that has worked really well for us. When we got coda he was a 7 week old puppy and she never had any issues with him after the original meet and greet. They get into scuffles sometimes but nothing I wouldn’t consider normal dog stuff. Well yesterday coda and Daisy got into an altercation over a chew toy, which started out normal but very strangely turned violent. Daisy really hurt Coda’s leg, she took a dime sized chunk of flesh out and it’s pretty deep. Coda’s been skiddish around her since but Daisy’s back to her normal lazy laid back self. Ever since then I have this feeling we should get rid of Daisy, maybe rehome her or send her to a no-kill shelter if possible, but part of me feels like I’m over reacting. I feel like I should also mention I recently had my first baby, and while we are very good about not having the baby around the pups when we are not around, I’m now afraid about Daisy snapping at him if he accidentally annoys her when he’s in his toddler years. I also feel very protective of a now scared Coda. Am I over reacting? Any insights? Please try to keep the judgement to a minimum as it’s breaking my heart to even think about this.
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2021.12.08 17:03 linkenski I would show my insecure self to the world outside of my door if people never pointed out how you come across.

Any kind of "I've noticed you always..." or "You seem stuck" or "Are you lost in thought?" or "Oh, are you spacing out right now?" or "...That's was awkward."
ANY kind of that stuff, is like 90% of why I don't go anywhere. They tell you there's more to life than what others think of you, but those comments are literally the culprits. If no one ever said that kind of crap to each other I would never feel like someone was figuratively, or subliminally telling me, "Hey, you don't meet the requirement for not being pointed out. You're not normal, you're not like other people here" vibe, and I never would've taken it as a cue to stay away from social spaces.
I was not born socially anxious. I was born awkward, and too quiet, and way too internal, not kicking the ball in front of me, I'd rather dance around it and poke it bit by bit. But if people always go "That's not normal, dude" then that's like saying "Hey I don't like that, stop being that way." and I'm pretty tired of always getting the sugarcoated "Oh don't worry what they think". I respond to feedback. That right there, is feedback telling me "you don't belong here."
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2021.12.08 17:03 robman17 Theeee best damn fascist sub in town!

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2021.12.08 17:03 Simpletoneast All my investments are tied up in index funds and a little bit of individual stocks but no real estate.. any cons here?

As the title says, all my investments are in equity index funds VTI in USD.. returns have been great and no stress.. but I dont have any real estate investments, are there any cons? ..
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2021.12.08 17:03 These_Will4454 Homework Help Please

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2021.12.08 17:03 sleazy_drunk When something inconveniences you

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2021.12.08 17:03 Kegelexercise Step into my portal.

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2021.12.08 17:03 stinkpotjoe [WTB] Geissele mk4 13” [KY]

Looking for a true 13” mk4. Color doesn’t matter. Willing to pay between $200-$250
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2021.12.08 17:03 ElCanelos I don’t know how many of guys guys remember but it’s already been a year since this stupid DS game kindda changed my life lmfao.

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2021.12.08 17:03 recurrence I have deduced what this game is

I've been calling this the Spreadsheet Game to everyone. It's kinda like a fancy spreadsheet and the goals certainly seem well tuned to accumulating balance sheets. It has certainly given me some ideas for how I can make Apps that are basically glorified spreadsheets a lot more fun.
However, while watching my Agility Course today and seeing my character's progress bar as they leap balance beams and jump gaps between building, I realized what this game actually is. This game IS "MIDDLE MANAGEMENT". If you've ever wanted to be a middle manager, this is your life. Except the middle manager's work environment is a lot less fancy and they often can't idle it during work hours. Everything else is basically this. I'm already deciding on the tweaks to my agility course that improves my balance sheet.
IMO, the next step for Melvor Idle is to have multiple characters. Let this character idle along in the path you've set for it and get to work on a second. You could even have them work together... just like middle management. Future challenges will revolve around "emotion control" and "teammate compatibility"... it'll be the Sims.
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2021.12.08 17:03 Kazumi_84 is there anywhere I can get a carrying case for my fight stick?

Mainly gonna use it for storage, but once all the stuff with the stick toy ball of death go away, I would love to be able to use the same case to carry it places
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2021.12.08 17:03 johnjaysmithy Immortal X-Men by Mark Brooks

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2021.12.08 17:03 chai_tea_latte_55 211207 W Korea Magazine Behind-The-Scenes With Joohoney

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2021.12.08 17:03 XWKQ What percentage of professional physicists believe in string theory?

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2021.12.08 17:03 SpeedLimitsSuck89 Question for those of you with a neurostimulator...

Specifically, how has it helped? Does it just help you not perceive sensations as painful? Or does it actually modify (and hopefully correct) the way the nerves are functioning?
Basically I’ve been dealing with chronic pelvic pain/pudendal neuralgia and basically what it feels like is that the nerves are always “on” and are very hyperexcitable. Any activity that involves their “use” - sex/masturbation, peeing, pooping, certain exercises and sitting positions - causes mild to moderate pain for an extended period of time. There is also this near incessant feeling of restlessness/pressure down there that isn’t pain, but is profoundly annoying. Given all of this, there is sexual dysfunction as well, which is a problem in and of itself.
I’ve tried several things with virtually no help. I tried pelvic floor therapy, but my muscles are completely fine, suggesting this is purely a nervous system issue. Kratom doesn’t help, advil doesn’t help, weed makes it worse.
I’m really, REALLY hoping there is something out there than can actually quell the constantly hyperactive nerves rather than just numb everything. I’ve heard good things about Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation. But I’m really willing to try anything at this point, fuck it: ketamine, botox, neurostimulators, whatever. I’d prefer not to have to take Lyrica (though it would probably help me a ton because Phenibut helps a ton) because of long term effect on cognition, tolerance, withdrawal, etc. But if Lyrica is the only thing that will help, so be it I guess.
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2021.12.08 17:03 ThePowerLord What is your honest opinion on Drake's music?

I know this subreddit doesn't like his music that much. But what do you think of his music? Not him as a person.
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2021.12.08 17:03 Boogyman422 ENSC going to $20+ EOM

Shorts have been caught and are locked in for the ride of their life.
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2021.12.08 17:03 JohnathanVee True. So true.

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2021.12.08 17:03 DinoRedRex99 Let's go

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2021.12.08 17:03 _OnlyFansGirl_ Help!

Hey guys! I saw Foo Fighters for the first time ever last night and it was a blast! I'm hoping someone picked up some extra merchandise or knows where I can find some online -- the merch table was RIDICULOUS by the time they finally let me into the arena, and seeing as the line was wrapping around itself I went straight to the pit to get a good spot since I didn't want to miss the show.
Was gonna hit the tables really quick before leaving, but they ushered everyone from the pit outside through an underground tunnel instead of back up through the doors.
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2021.12.08 17:03 Zumalover_988 What is it like to be Greyromantic?

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