There is no substitute for Battlefield.

“Battlefield 2042” is brimming with all of the experiences fans of the war sim series have enjoyed since its debut nearly 20 years ago. ... but neither is a true substitute for a feature that ... Xbox One S Battlefield V Bundle-$149 at The Exchange - posted in Video Game Deals: The Xbox One S bundle with Battlefield V is $149 on the website. ... Now substitute said family member with someone else. Every purchase goes towards MWR programs, whether or not it’s from service members or not. Derrick1979 and ed_ames like ... Substitute Teacher Assistant positions - $15.55/hour effective November 1, 2021 for both general education and special education. Contact 703-791-8050 for more information. Per PWCS Regulation 511-7, candidates for substitute employment must have completed at least 48 college credit hours or an associate's degree to be considered for Substitute ... Staff members can continue to use PSS to recover their password while connected to the PWCS network. Offsite and onsite Password Self Service remains operational for students. Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop is not a complete and irredeemable disaster, but it’s definitely not going to challenge anyone’s assumptions about live-action anime. Its best moments come from ... In general terms, AI refers to computational tools that are able to substitute for human intelligence in the performance of certain tasks. This technology is currently advancing at a breakneck pace, much like the exponential growth experienced by database technology in the late twentieth century. ... The state of play is a battlefield where ... A blood substitute (also called artificial blood or blood surrogate) is a substance used to mimic and fulfill some functions of biological blood.It aims to provide an alternative to blood transfusion, which is transferring blood or blood-based products from one person into another. Thus far, there are no well-accepted oxygen-carrying blood substitutes, which is the typical objective of a red ... While it's not new for a Battlefield game to have large open spaces, Battlefield 2042's maps have fewer interesting landmarks and buildings for close-quarters combat. And there's no substitute for ... In the meantime, Battlefield Portal seems to be a decent substitute for at least some missing features in 2042: players have recreated battle royale mode using the custom mode’s rule set. VC and PAVN battle tactics comprised a flexible mix of guerrilla and conventional warfare battle tactics used by Viet Cong (VC) and the North Vietnamese People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) to defeat their U.S. and South Vietnamese (GVN/ARVN) opponents during the Vietnam War.. The VC was supposedly an umbrella of front groups to conduct the insurgency in South Vietnam affiliated with independent ...

2021.12.08 16:10 Swaguley There is no substitute for Battlefield.

Given recent light of 2042's design choices and the direction EA intends to take Battlefield, I think it's safe to say that Battlefield is no longer Battlefield.
2042 alone will take a year to fix. In my opinion, it needs system overhauls on the level of Battlefront II's turnaround to become what the game should be. It will take Dice another 6 months to add HUD world icon scale/opacity settings if we're lucky, not to mention the underlying design choices that need to be uprooted.
Every feature in this game was decided early on if it fit within a battle royale, not a Battlefield game. The plus system, specialists, no scoreboard, the list goes on and on. And of course, Dice was given little over a year to develop the game by EA.
EA intends for Battlefield to be a Warzone-esque cash cow. They don't want Battlefield to stay Battlefield. EA is attempting a hard market reposition of Battlefield and it is completely unnecessary and wrong.
I've now realized now the there is no substitute for Battlefield.
Not even 2042 is a good substitute for Battlefield. I tried World War 3, Insurgency, Warzone, MW 2019, Arma, and many others, but they just aren't what Battlefield is. I keep longing for Battlefield when I play other games. You will say, "Go back to BF4", but I play on controller, so going back to BF3-BF4 is marred for me without aim assist and the PS5 version of BF4 is no good by today's standards without a next-gen update with an FOV slider.
Ultimately, I am sad about the state of 2042 and the franchise as a whole. I've been playing since BF3. I approached 2042 with a lot of optimism given it seemed Dice had learned their lesson after they delivered BFV's Pacific Update. I was okay with specialists when they were announced, and erroneously defended the choice because I assumed they would be implemented differently. I wanted to love 2042 and do have fun at times, but now I have very little desire to play it.
If EA's recent statements about the future of the franchise are true, then Battlefield is on it's deathbed. Alienating your core fanbase is the wrong way to run a business in my opinion. I won't be buying the next Battlefield game.
TL;DR No game is a proper substitute for Battlefield, not even 2042 is.
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2021.12.08 16:10 jaykay00 Filling out onboarding for new job

I have no idea how to fill this out. I will be moving to MA for a new job from CA and they asked for these on an online onboarding website. I am single and pretty much nothing to my name in regards to deductions.
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2021.12.08 16:10 Rude_Hovercraft_5940 How to be more approachable?

The one thing I'm always jealous of.
There are some people that are just so approachable. Just seeing them changes a persons mood.
There are others that are nice, but don't have the same impact.
I wish I could more like that.
I want to know their secret!
I usually think people don't want to be bothered.
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Would I be able to run 225/50r17 tires on my car? There's a good set I'm eyeing right now. Having a hard time finding tires sub $500 for it
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2021.12.08 16:10 jmelt17 How do I prepare/equipment spells? On Android

Super dumb question considering I'm a 5th level Paladin Monk but how do I get spells ready? I've looked at my list of 1st level spells and see stuff like Bless amd Magic Weapon but besides sliding them over to the right list I have no idea what to do with them to use them or prep them
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2021.12.08 16:10 NORDLAN University of Florida researchers pressured to destroy COVID-19 data, told not to criticize DeSantis: report

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2021.12.08 16:10 exmobitch Ex Father in Law is now bishop... Requested permission for my ex to be sealed to another woman

Now, the church is all bull. However, I do not believe in polygamy whatsoever. My ex father in law sent me an email this morning requesting my permission for his son to be sealed to someone else though we've only been divorced 4 months. From my understanding that would mean I'd be in a polygamous type situation (though I don't necessarily believe in it, it's the principle of perpetuating the lie that polygamy is no longer practiced by the church). What would be the next step or am I incorrect in my thinking?
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2021.12.08 16:10 imsofuckintiredd Nervous??

Im in the military and theres this guy that works here in the clinic most days, (hes military too, but different department) and hes very attractive to me When i first got here we never spoke we would just end up running into each other around corners unexpectedly like it’d happen a lot in one day, but still we never spoke, and then i had two or three dreams about him which kind of weirded me out, having him around me makes me extremely anxious Later on i ended up texting him, not often at all, very occasionally, and just about animals or food Recently though we had our first conversation in person about music that lasted all of like three minutes max, but today he came into my office for candy and i had a friend in and he asked what we were doing (i was typing up an email to send out to everyone in the clinic for an event) and my friend asked him to read it to see how it sounds, and while he was standing next to me, it was the closest hes ever been and he smelled reallllllllly good and his presence made me very nervous and i got all stiff I don’t like him romantically, but he still has this effect on me and idk why
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2021.12.08 16:10 GRC2772 Just finished season 10 - I REALLY dislike Carol and would choose Bethany as a friend any day. You?

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