Sitecore on YT: Sitecore Santa -- Adapting to social media

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2021.12.08 15:17 NWContentTech Sitecore on YT: Sitecore Santa -- Adapting to social media

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2021.12.08 15:17 TheLibertyLoft Pfizer and Moderna push booster shot propaganda that science says will not work

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2021.12.08 15:17 NewBalance-608 What do you actually need to do with your mower before winter?

Empty gas?
I’ll be storing in the garage, 7b so it doesn’t get incredibly cold in there.
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2021.12.08 15:17 Superalex121 Are stopovers allowed when booking QR on Alaska?

Hey all,
I'm looking to book Qsuites to the Maldives for our honeymoon next year. I'm aware that booking Qsuites with Alaska miles is not the best redemption but we're sitting on a large stash of Alaska miles as it's our primary airline.
I'm able to easily piece together 2 flights with stopovers when messing around with JAL routes, but for some reason I'm unable to see QR routes even if I see them individually.
Are there specific rules regarding QR that I'm not aware of? AFAIK Alaska allows stopovers on all award bookings.
Thanks all.
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2021.12.08 15:17 jinsoulfeen What US college do you think has the worst fraternity reputation?

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2021.12.08 15:17 Flashy_Contract_969 Justyn’s Bass Tricks #2 - Sextuplet Descension of DOOM

Episode #2 of the bass lesson web series 😼
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2021.12.08 15:17 arugg77 Any good 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment recommendations?

Hi! I am looking for a 2 bed 1 bath apartment that is in a central area to the main quad. My budget is anything less than 700. I would love some recommendations! Thank you!
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2021.12.08 15:17 JACOBISAWESOME467 Toad funkin

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2021.12.08 15:17 newsuccess2021 Tauren Shaman AI Art

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2021.12.08 15:17 nintendeplorable Pretty obvious they’re revamping the terrain generation to work well with the one block high step up. Thoughts?

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2021.12.08 15:17 Fantastic-Floor4776 ASSASSINO MEMORIALE (jojo otome vn)

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2021.12.08 15:17 Abyssal-Mind What species of snake is this? Im in Dahlonega GA btw

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2021.12.08 15:17 MsMcSlothyFace Recording new episode of podcast today for RDR2 beginners. Any questions or tips?

Podcast for beginners of RDR2. Going over Horseshoe Overlook missions and strangers. Anything you can think of that would've helped you as a new player? If you want to check out podcast its Red Dead Conversations on apple and spotify. Also if you someone who is playing game for first time and hasn't heard spoilers, PLEASE have them email me. I need a cohost. Thanks so much
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2021.12.08 15:17 AHSWeeknd Diana Ross in 1975

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2021.12.08 15:17 wolmi42 WIP my interpretation of the Blood Angels librarian C&C welcome

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2021.12.08 15:17 rushncrush Hopefully the patch is tomorrow so they have a few days to fix whatever they break before they leave for the rest of the year

And it be nice not to get Left Click teleport spammed to death in OPR
I do fear the Musket, Bow meta though. We might be walking into even darker times
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2021.12.08 15:17 SecRepeat showing up on macs

Hey all,
I apologize if this isnt the right place for this, but figured I'd ask. Im monitoring a number of MAC endpoints and I have been receiving hits in my AV for a malicious process I cant seem to find any info on this process, VirusTotal doesnt have any info on the hash either. Does anyone have experience with what this process might be?
Here is the hash: c740cbc21ea60cfafc7ac64d14e27a25087c2c410b8df616cf309305b476001d
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2021.12.08 15:17 Vik239 “McConnell started court packing” [+5]

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2021.12.08 15:17 Kookyminer CEO of fucked up decisions

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2021.12.08 15:17 Gdoughty3105 Transfer request

So apparently I’ve submitted a transfer request (I don’t remember doing it) but I wanna do a one club career mode but keep getting offers to leave. Is there a way to ask to be taken off transfer list
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2021.12.08 15:17 EmotionalBears Adding uninsured auto coverage—USAA insurance thinks we live in ‘North Mexico’.

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2021.12.08 15:17 Mindless-Presence682 Zekrom

Adding 10 weather boosted 9284 4268 5649
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2021.12.08 15:17 ktscarlett94 [TW: ED] student comments affecting mental health

Massive trigger warning for discussion of eating disorders and weight
I was diagnosed with anorexia almost 10 years ago. It was really severe at one point and I’ve been hospitalized twice for it. I’ve been in recovery for a few years now, but I relapsed after my COVID weight gain. Every day has been such a battle to eat properly and to fight the self hatred after each meal. FWIW, I got rid of my scale and I am also in therapy.
I’m sure we have all experienced students making hurtful and unsolicited comments about our physical appearance. I try to brush it off but those comments really get to me because I have such severe body image and feeding issues. I try my best to not let the students see how it affects me. In any case, on most days, students don’t make any type of comments about my appearance. When they do make comments, it’s almost never about my weight.
That changed yesterday though. Long story short, a student made a comment that I look like I don’t exercise, which I can only interpret as a remark about my body fat distribution. I’m glad we’re masked because I’m sure my facial expression would have given away how that made me feel. I didn’t say anything or address it because I was fighting tears. I didn’t want anyone to see how deeply it hurt me.
I’ve been ruminating on it for the past day and it has really sent me into a spiral. I cried trying to fall asleep and I cried taking transit to work today and I’ve cried during my planning periods. I gave the students a makeup work day instead of the lab I had planned because I feel so raw and wounded. I just don’t have it in me to do real teaching today. I feel like a vapid, shallow idiot because of how much this has affected me. Hey, that’s mental illness for ya I guess.
I don’t think the student meant anything by it. He’s just a 16 year old whose brain hasn’t fully developed tact or empathy yet. But regardless, I don’t know how to quiet the negative self talk that resulted from his comment.
Are there any other teachers out there struggling with an ED or body image issues who have been in my shoes? How do you deal with these types of comments? Do you have any strategies or coping mechanisms when students make triggering comments?
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2021.12.08 15:17 ZoolShop Nasa brings Hubble Space Telescope back to life after months of glitches

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2021.12.08 15:17 rainymood13 Marital Issues may end in divorce - not sure it's a bad thing

My husband and I are fighting, and I am trying to decide if I should apologize and continue to work on fixing things. Bear with me for the long background, I'll try to keep it brief.
Both my husband and I come from traumatic childhoods, his admittedly much worse than mine, so we came together with a host of mood disorder issues that are undiagnosed. He doesn't trust therapists, for good reasons so that's not an option for resolution. We both have a child from a previous relationship, only mine is still home in HS. We have been together 10+ years
Most of the time our relationship is amazing, he is loving and supportive. My concern is that there are things that set him off badly and he turns into a completely different person. I know he is trying to do better and he says its the failings of myself and my daughter that are causing the problems.
I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and it was the root of me recently losing my job and struggling to get it together for several months. Mostly he was caring during that time, though I know it frustrated him that it took so long for me to get employed again.
Anyway, both my daughter and I struggle to maintain personal schedules, including self-care like showering (stems from the ADHD) and leave little clutter piles or don't tidy up right away after a meal. For example. We're also both impulsive eaters, normally this means we don't eat or we plan a meal and then don't cook it because it doesn't sound good anymore. We know about it and are trying to work on it since a strict schedule, healthy eating/care habits, having a constantly clean house are extremely important to my husband.
Yesterday, after a really good family discussion the night before about everyone doing more work to keep the house clean with me back at work full-time, my daughter left crumbs on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. She also didn't make/eat a BLT like she had said she would. My husband was extremely angry about it and ended up yelling at my daughter for 30+ min until she ran out of the house to catch the bus and meet me at work when I get off.
When I got home he and I had a fairly calm discussion about the issue and how we wanted to resolve it. He then started telling me that we aren't working on our issues at all and he's living in groundhogs day, where it's all the same issues every day and it's making him nuts. I hot defensive and it escalated to him telling me to shut the f up several times and that both my daughter and I are lazy AH and he was done dealing with my crazy.
He slept on the couch last night, but got up and made coffee for us so I though the mood had passed (these kinds of fights are rare, but do happen sometimes as frequently as monthly) and he initiated a conversation but started yelling and insulting me again. Then he went and turned on the TV to full volume to avoid hearing anything I said in response. It was petty, but remotely turned off the TV. That's when the threw the remote at me, followed by his phone and charging cord, then proceeded to punch our bedroom door until it broke.
He says he never had temper issues like this before being with me, but I don't think it's my fault and I feel like the issues my daughter and I have are minor in the grand scheme of things. I can understand how repeated issues can wear on a person though. Am being unreasonable for not just apologizing and trying to do things his way and be more strict about a schedule and eating habits?
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