Annoying things about MRT

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2021.12.08 16:30 Sensasian_01 Annoying things about MRT

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2021.12.08 16:30 JanaLikesAlmdudler should i feel bad for laughing hysterrically after seeing a video of a person jumping infront of a train, the body hitting a bystanders legs and the bystander doing a fucking backflip

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2021.12.08 16:30 aliofsherwood Sansevieria ‘Twister’

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2021.12.08 16:30 MALLARD_LIF3 Has anyone else had residue left over on their grip?

So I recently got the leather skin so I decided to take off my white carbon fiber skin. Unfortunately a lot of residue was left over on the case. I already sent a help request, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this.
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2021.12.08 16:30 big_mur Anyone know when guildeds come out?

I’m assuming there coming soon but does anyone know if it’ll be before or after Christmas?
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2021.12.08 16:30 JaBoiiMatt Currently studying Graphic Design, here’s a comparison between my two Coldplay-themed Album Projects for School. (8 years apart) :)

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2021.12.08 16:30 BadKittyandTheWolf The wife’s gaped ass after sex 😍

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2021.12.08 16:30 Big-Ad-1359 Wer kann mir Videos anbieten?? Bitte melden …!

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2021.12.08 16:30 StatisticaPizza [USA-FL] [H] Full system [W] Local cash

Pics here:
Selling a full system that I built around a year ago. All parts were purchased brand new except for the GPU which was purchased from here for a very fair rate from a kind user. Asking $700, location is 32164 but I'm willing to meet near Orlando, Jacksonville, or Daytona.
Full specs and parts list below or here is a link to PC Part Picker:
Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro Wifi
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 w/ stock cooler
GPU: PowerColor Red Devil RX580 8 GB
PSU: Corsair CX650M modular 650w power supply
RAM: Oloy 2x8 GB DDR4-3000
Storage: Intel 665p 1 TB NVME SSD
Case: Fractal Design Focus G series, White
Also included are some additional case fans, 2 of them are Noctua 140mm. All of the fans plug into a controllehub and it could be probably configured more efficiently but the current thermals are fine under load. I can include a 1080p 60hz Samsung monitor as well but you'll definitely want an upgrade.
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2021.12.08 16:30 wesswessfidel Guess pokego heard me when I said I was tired of wasting pokeballs to get one star mons 🤠

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2021.12.08 16:30 GGtheBoss17 Does Verity's Brow exotic perk "Death Throes" give increased grenade damage in the Crucible?

Title. I know that energy weapon final blows (of the same subclass) give grenade energy, but does it also give the damage buff?

Thank you:)
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2021.12.08 16:30 odfr (SEEKING ADVICE) Starting levels and level progression for a 3 person party?

My group and I (DM) will be starting Curse of Strahd within the next couple weeks or so and we’re already incredibly excited. My group only consists of three members so the only issue I’m having while planning the adventure is level progression. I’ve decided that I’ll have the group start at level 3 and have them go through Death House to start. My thoughts were to have them reach level 4 upon completion of Death House but now I’m having second thoughts, thinking that maybe the should become level 4 if the find the secret stairs and level 5 upon escape. My initial thought was to have them two levels above the recommended level that the book lays out. I know it’s open world and they may stumble across an encounter way before they’re ready but I was thinking that may be a good guide to go by - however I’m still not sure. Does anyone have advice as to how I should level a relatively smaller party? I don’t want to be cruel however I want them to be challenged and still have the fear that this world is not safe. I really do appreciate any and all suggestions!!
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2021.12.08 16:30 Hatterhatterhat Beler bu valizi kaça satarım

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2021.12.08 16:30 Puffin_fan Joe Bidenists and Kamala Harrisists, following instructions, connive at the war crimes of the FSB and GRU and the oligarchs
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2021.12.08 16:30 lewislkc Vaccinated in the US, can I get an NHS pass?

Hi, I was fully vaccinated with Moderna in the US earlier this year before moving to the UK in the summer. Can I use my US vaccination card to get an NHS covid vaccine pass now that I live in the UK?
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2021.12.08 16:30 TheAlexanderJohn What’s one thing you can tell your boss but not your spouse?

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2021.12.08 16:30 Longjumping-Bag-6322 I used to shower in the dark

I picked up a few odd habits during my teen years. For instance, I always preferred sleeping on the living room loveseat instead of my decent enough full-sized bed, which was a lot better at holding my 5’11” self. Doesn’t sound that extraordinary, right? It’s just a quirk. Well, it was one of those quirks that could have cost me my life. I had become accustomed to showering in the dark.
Unlike my sleeping situation, I remember the origin of my lightless showers. A heavy storm came in one night, so strong that it completely knocked out our power. It was just my luck as it happened right when I planned on finally taking a hot shower. Nonetheless, I was so hellbent on taking it that I lit a candle and sat it on the bathroom sink countertop to provide some sort of light source, at least enough to allow me to see what I was doing.
Halfway through, one of those “shower thoughts” dawned on me: I never realized till then how relaxing it was to shower with such little light. I could still see which soaps and shampoos to properly grab and use without the bright fluorescent lights straining my eyes. Typically, one would feel a bit more scared and vulnerable standing there alone in the dark, but I humored myself thinking, “If something were to come in and attack me, it'd be embarrassing for them to be confronted by a wet, naked teenage boy.”
Since then, I made the nightly routine of showering in the dark, using only a plug-in night light as a light source, hanging on the same wall as the bathroom door, adjacent from our standup shower. So every night I would ease myself into that darkness, oblivious to what grisly thing lurked in it, until that one particular night.
It was about a year ago when I pulled into my parents’ driveway (I still lived with them at the time.) after enduring yet another grueling shift at the grocery store I worked at. I came back home all sweaty from pushing in carts all day.
Next to my usual parking spot at home was a big white utility van with an older man in a blue jumpsuit getting into it. My dad was just outside the vehicle and the two of them exchanged waves. As soon as I pulled in, the man had begun backing out and went on his merry way.
Dad started making his way back in, but I quickly sprung from my car and asked, “Who was that? A plumber?”
“Oh, that’s just the ventilation guy we got to look at the air ducts,” he replied
“Why? What’s wrong with them?”
“Have you not heard that ringing that’s been coming out of them lately? It’s been driving your mom nuts.”
“No, not really.”
“Damn, looks like your hearing is getting worse than mine,” he chuckled. “But yeah, we hired him to look into it and he said it was caused by something blocking certain parts of the airways. He ran a wire through one of the ducts and when he pulled it out, it was completely covered in this thick black residue. Figured it was mold. So he’s coming back tomorrow to do a complete clean of the system.”
Just before heading in, he gave me a quick pat on the shoulder and joked, “For now, try not to breathe as much when you’re in the house.” I shrugged it off with one of those fake side laughs and followed in behind him.
It was just a normal afternoon after that, eating mediocre takeout pizza and letting loose with some video games. It was until around 11 PM that I finally decided to wash off the layer of grime that had built up over me throughout the day.
I grabbed my usual nightwear (a white t-shirt and boxer shorts) and made my way to the living room bathroom, located on the other side of the house. I closed the bathroom door behind me without turning on the lights. I was encased in darkness. The only thing that could penetrate it was the faint glow of the night light plugged in beside the door. I stripped down and threw what I was wearing on the floor and put what I was going to wear on the sink countertop. I went to open the shower door, but was stopped in my tracks by an ear-piercing ringing that filled the room.
I looked around me to see where that damned noise was coming from, only to find that it was coming from a vent on the floor, between the toilet and the cabinet beneath the sink. I gave it a light stomp, thinking it might make it stop. To my surprise, it actually did.
“That must’ve been the ringing that Dad was talking about,” I thought. “Kind of hard to miss such an irritating noise.” It didn’t take me long to shrug it off and continue what I was doing.
I finally stepped into the shower and turned the hot nob all the way up. As soon as that soothing hot water sprayed I was immediately put at ease. I went to grab for the bar of Dove, but was once again disrupted by that ringing.
By the time I shot a hateful glare towards the bathroom floor with my ears covered, the ringing had already stopped. It happened a lot quicker than the first time. My hopes were that it would be the last I’d hear of it again.
I finally grabbed the soap and started scrubbing my chest right before being startled by a different noise, somehow more spine-tingling than the ringing. It was a distant thumping. It grew louder and seemingly closer every few seconds and each time it amplified, the noise sounded more damp. It was like someone with wet boots were slowly stomping on a metal floor or a wet towel hitting metal. This noise brought with it an equally strange and eerie partner in crime.
A flickering of light brought my attention to the night light on the wall. The light seemingly flickered more rapidly the louder the thumping got. I had to look away just to prevent getting a headache.
It was hard to resist looking as the noise grew so loud to the point of it sounding as if it were in the very room. While the noise itself finally stopped, the room was consumed by a harsh strobing light. I glanced with a short peak only to give what I saw my full attention.
With each flash of light, I could faintly see something dark leaking from the other side of the toilet. I attempted to take this with a sense of humor, thinking, “Just great! Guess we’ll have to add plumbing on the list of all the other issues with this house.” My cynical sense of humor would quickly turn to dreadful realization.
The leak kept going till it reached the middle of the bathroom floor. That’s when I discovered that it wasn’t water, or any liquid for that matter. The substance was sliding across the floor till it started to coagulate into a pile of thick ooze in the middle of the room. I realized that it hadn’t been coming from the plumbing, but the vent. “Is this that black mold stuff Dad told me about?” I thought to myself.
I felt sick to my stomach watching it form into that tar-like mound on the floor. The worst part was just watching it sit there. The substance was pulsating and looked like it was breathing, as if it had life to it.
The pile would throb faster and faster until it suddenly shot up towards the ceiling, taking shape. Right before me, I saw what was once a pile of mush form itself into a towering silhouette of what looked like a man. However, the figure couldn’t possibly be any further from being human.
It was the lankiest thing I had ever seen, standing so high that it’s head almost touched the ceiling. Its limbs were like branches that looked taller than me. After it seemingly finished taking form, the ebony figure just stood there, not moving any further. Well, the exception being for its skin that continued writing all over its body.
Looking at that thing filled me with the utmost fear. I panicked and grabbed the single-edged razor that was laying on the shower rack in front of me. I know I wouldn’t have stood a chance against it in a fight, but having it was better than nothing. My last defense was the flimsy shower door that stood between us.
All the while, the night light’s flashing was faster than it ever was before until finally, it blew its fuse. I was left there in a complete void, unaware of what the creature in the very same room as me was doing. All I had was the sound of shower’s running water to keep me company.
Have you ever been so scared that everything around you just goes absolutely silent? At that moment, I felt completely deaf and held on to the comfort of the sound of water sprinkling.
After a few of the longest seconds of my life, the darkness was penetrated by two orbs of pure white light. Except the bright orbs protruded nothing else in the room. I was left staring into complete blackness with only two motionless circles of white.
The circles continued growing bigger and brighter until it was almost blinding. My eyes adjusted and I was able to make them out again. Their light reflected from off the shower door pane, exposing the long, dark oval they were attached to. I can only assume this was the creature’s head.
The orbs of light then aimed at where the door’s handle would be. My heart almost exploded out of my chest when I heard it grab hold of something. Slowly, the door creaked open. I could feel the much colder air of the rest of the room sweep in, sending chills up my spine. The creaking stopped as the shower door was left completely wide open. Those soul-piercing white orbs were all that stood before me.
I grasped the razor tightly and held it up against my chest. But I couldn’t confront the creature and instead closed my eyes and turned away. I knew if I looked at it any longer, every ounce of me would burst out with terror. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel something coming closer to me, presumably its monstrous hand. It’s like the feeling you’d get if you were walking alone, but knew someone or something was following you. Sure, you can’t see them, but every part of you knows they’re there.
Its presence felt so close that I’m surprised I didn’t feel it already touch me. I thought it was the end for me. But just when I thought I would be taking my last breath, I was shaken by a painful screeching that followed after a quick hiss. The bright orbs shot back as the creature continued wailing in agonizing pain.
“The water,” I thought. “That hissing it made just a second ago must’ve come from it coming in contact with the water! Maybe it can’t touch it, like it burns it!”
A newfound confidence overcame me as I swapped my razor for the shower head that could convert into a handheld. I switched it to the power spray setting and aimed it at the creature.
I could tell it made contact when the room was consumed by the loud mixture of sizzling and painful screeching. I still couldn’t make out its movement, but I could see it’s pure white eyes flailing to and fro. But giving out one last room-shaking wail, the creature burst through the bathroom door. The light from outside exposed the black figure’s escape. I could still hear its cries, but they became gradually more faint till I could hear them no more.
Now being able to see, I put the shower head back on the wall and darted to the bathroom door to slam it shut. This task was a challenging one since it had been knocked off one of its hinges. Nonetheless, I made sure the door was locked tight to the best of my abilities. I ran back to the shower, swinging its door behind me. I quickly turned the water off and then sat there all bunched up on the damp shower floor. It would make for my refuge for the rest of the night.
The next day, I was awakened by the morning light shining beneath the bathroom door. Actually, I can’t really say I was “awakened” when I never really went to sleep to begin with. Cramping, I slowly stood back up and exited the shower. At that point, I was dry enough so I threw on my boxers and white t-shirt.
I slowly crept out of the bathroom and examined my surroundings. I immediately noticed the trail of black smudges tracking across the living room floor. I didn’t dare to touch them. I started following the trail until I was interrupted by the doorbell ringing.
I made my way to the front door of the house and opened it, greeted by a couple men in black suits and sunglasses, one in front of the other. I could’ve sworn the man behind the other looked just like the ventilation man that was at the house the afternoon before.
“Morning, son,” said the man in front. “Are your parents home?”
“Uh, yeah. Give me a second,” I replied.
I stepped away from the door and yelled up the stairs nearly right beside me. “Mom! Dad!” Nothing. “Mom!” Still, nothing. “Dad!” About half a minute had passed and I got no reply back whatsoever. I returned to the front door and told them that my parents were probably still asleep or not home, so they would have to come back later.
The men, however, wouldn’t take no for an answer. They forcefully passed by me through the door frame and started heading towards the stairs. The man in front started speaking into his sleeve for what I believe was him calling for backup.
I turned back around and saw outside a big white van parked out in the driveway. Its side doors flung open as a swarm of men in black suits came flooding out. From the back came a couple more but in hazmat suits. I won’t go into full detail about what happened after that.
What I can say is that I found out later that day that my parents were killed. The men in suits offered to show me their bodies, but I just couldn’t. I knew that creature was behind it and I didn’t even want to imagine what it did to them, partially from the thought of that being what it would’ve done to me. It was made public record that they both died from monoxide poisoning.
A week after the incident, I was put into a foster home in the same city. I stayed there until I was finally old enough to give my goodbyes and move as far from there as possible. I haven’t seen that creature or the men in suits again since that day, and I hope to keep it that way.
Since that night, I always make sure the bathroom light is on whenever I take a shower. Now that I live on my own, I even take the liberty of turning on every light in my apartment when I take one. I’ve seen firsthand the type of things that lurk in the dark.
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2021.12.08 16:30 Meme_lord797 I have a question about mh rise

Is the “queen’s longfire” a good heavy bowgun? (I’m doing like 5-6 star village quests rn)
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2021.12.08 16:30 quemaspuess Divorcees of Reddit: at what moment did you know your marriage was over?

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2021.12.08 16:30 MarsAdept You wake up in prehistoric times when the cavemen lived. What do you do?

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2021.12.08 16:30 quraychite Where are you from?

Sorry I couldn’t add more option (Pakistan, India, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen Israel), but I am curious of the answer in this configuration.
View Poll
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2021.12.08 16:30 luv2lerk Why do Recruiters/Companies/Directors/HR, etc... HATE when we want to know salary?

I attended a webinar for a local sports team. There were 4 people leading the webinar. 1 was HR, the rest were people who run said departments.
It was an hour long webinar advising us on how to get a job in the sports industry and specifically how to get a job working for our local sports team.
Towards the end they did role playing among themselves to show us what a "good candidate" is and what a "bad candidate" is. Of course, the "good candidate" was a perfect unicorn- someone with the perfect questions and answers. When it came to the "bad candidate" one of the questions the "bad candidate" asked was "...thank you, and what is the pay for this position?". They ended the role playing there and never explained why this was a "bad candidate" attribute. Then of course, there was less than 5 minutes left of the webinar and they were answering generic questions from the people in the chat.
So, my question is: Why do we (here in the U.S.A.) make salary a taboo subject? Isn't it a give-in that we apply for jobs to make money so we can eat? Why do they make it feel like a crime to ask about salary?
I would of asked them these questions but there were 100's of us in the webinar and they gave us only the last 5 minutes to get some questions in. SMH.
I still support the team but will not work for any company with "higher-ups" like that.
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2021.12.08 16:30 xyql to english please, thanks…

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2021.12.08 16:30 hahalololi Are they ticketing cars on the Thurs/Fri that are on the non-street sweeping weeks?

Title! Now that street sweeping is every other week, are the meter maids ticketing cars parked during the street sweeping times even on the weeks when they are not street sweeping?
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2021.12.08 16:30 atari_guy Temptation Fades as We Seek Christ in Every Thought

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