[Spoiler: 5th Zone] Hydaelyn telling the WoL where to go next

2021.12.08 16:03 sheapm [Spoiler: 5th Zone] Hydaelyn telling the WoL where to go next

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2021.12.08 16:03 Inevitable-Cost-1456 Portugal a representar

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2021.12.08 16:03 Vrgox3 ‘55 Classic Nomad Probably my favorite Casting🤤

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2021.12.08 16:03 Plastic-Highway1438 Proof of a simulation?

I used to be an Agnostic atheist. Recently though, ive started to lose this belief and come across the idea that we are living in a simulation. This next part will be long, so heads up now.
I've seen scientists straight up compare the cosmos to a computer: https://www.closertotruth.com/series/the-cosmos-computer
These 2 quotes are most important to me:
"Is the Universe a computer? Well, what does a computer do? Not a damn thing unless it is programmed and has an energy source to run that program(s). Even so, that program(s) could be GIGO or garbage in, garbage out. Still, it would appear as if the cosmos is running to a program(s). The cosmos is evolving; it dances to the tune of various laws, principles and relationships in what we call science; it's doing things; it's constructing things; complex things emerge where only simple things previously existed, and so on. You can identify these sorts of activities with programs running on your PC.
Since the cosmos appears to be running to a program(s), and since that program(s) would appear in general not to be of the GIGO kind, then the natural question is, who is the apparently intelligent programmer? To that question there is one answer.
The type of programmer resides in the mortal, fallible, and flesh-and-blood category, in short, someone like you or me. In other words, our cosmos has been programmed in much the same way as your PC has been programmed. Our reality is virtually real (although somewhere on up the line it's really real in the programmer's cosmos). . In conclusion, yes, the cosmos, or Universe behaves as if it has been programmed (those laws, principles and relationships are a 'program');
And: "I have a lot of interest in the concept that the Universe just isn't informational and mathematical but rather IS information and is mathematics at the most fundamental of levels. The Universe (as quasi-computer) just processes information via the programmed physical laws, principles and relationships that all have a mathematical foundation.
In summary: 1) Information is fundamental. 2) Information is manipulated and processed by the laws, principles or relationships inherent in what we call physics. 3) These laws, principles or relationships are entirely mathematical.
And finally, the scientific idea that matter is an illusion, seems similar to what a programmer might do if it was all a simulation.
I'm aware this is a ton, but I'm extremely depressed, this whole things freaking me out severely.
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2021.12.08 16:03 Dongslingur H: mut25ffr250 Railway and je50bslow railway w: mainly caps but offer too

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2021.12.08 16:03 Ste19921992 StrikeX Hires New Interim Chief Technical Officer to Deliver TradeStrike Roadmap

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2021.12.08 16:03 ClarkRios11 BE THE DREAD KING

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2021.12.08 16:03 Such-Yak5014 Anyone here have opinions on rye Wittern group.

Bought a couple machines from them am I able to get in contact with every department but parts. I’ll be on hold for 30 min each time and never get through. I got in contact with a basic operator and they said they would let them know and to call and nothing.
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2021.12.08 16:03 bigthrowawayxdd Increase of fake accident scams?

I'm not sure what is going on, and I don't mean to rant, but has anyone noticed an increase of what appears to be fake accident scams? I've noticed this a lot in the Manassas area and have had a couple of incidents happen in front of me where people try to create an accident condition to those unsuspecting of one?
I had one happen in Old town, where a driver was waiting to pull out of a parking lot and as I was approaching them driving down the road, they erratically pull out onto the road via a wide turn and come onto my lane. I slowed down almost to a complete stop. I clearly was paying attention, slammed on my brakes and just stared in amazement. You had all this time to pull out, but wait for me to be closer??? The way it happened, just screamed fake insurance claim.
The second was on sudley rd near the newly remodeled Wendy's. Guy starts slowly break checking me. We come to a speed of 10mph until he checks his rearview and then TAKES OFF cutting two lanes to make a left turn at the intersection where the car wash is at. Same ploy here? They run away before I can even confront any of them to just ask what is going on in their minds. I also wasn't riding this man's ass. I had just taken off of a red light and he was already past the intersection, going way below the speed limit.
Another incident like the 2nd one happened to me in Vienna today.
This also has happened to my girlfriend. Similar situations. One actually had a guy try to side-swipe her mirror while he was PAYING ATTENTION. I know he was because he kept staring at his mirror to see how close he was getting. Wtf?? We were all alone on the road before the driver approached us.
Is this life in NoVa now? I drove on 66 today around 9am to go to Vienna and holy shit it feels just so much more congested than before. I probably haven't hopped onto 66 during traffic time since the summer, but jesus christ I feel like I'm at summit point drifting with other drivers just because of how close people get now. Have these type of situations happened to anyone else here?
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2021.12.08 16:03 dalyllama35 Imagining the World Through the Eyes of John Lennon

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2021.12.08 16:03 keithandthegirl Mom sends a box of Israeli snacks from Israel

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2021.12.08 16:03 SpySeeTuna1 ThermoWorks Air Probe Placement on a Camp Chef Woodwind

I just got the Signals BBQ Alarm as a gift and I would guess that the air probe should probably go somewhere over the drip pan and away from the hot edges of the cooker. I also have one of those 6" upper racks that I might be able to mount the probe to.
Does anyone use these for smoking and where do you place the air probe on your pellet grill?
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2021.12.08 16:03 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Chile’s congress approves same-sex marriages, adoptions | NY Post

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2021.12.08 16:03 Shankism2 The Cavinder Twins - Haley Cavinder and Hanna Cavinder

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2021.12.08 16:03 Opie9998 Couldn’t ask for a better work buddy today😂❤️🥰

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2021.12.08 16:03 maxs495 Grade 12 Ontario student Medical school questions

Hey Im in grade 12 in Ontario and I have applied for biomedical and health sciences because I wanna go to medical school in Canada. I really don't care where in Canada I go for medical school. How hard is it actually to get into the easiest medical schools?
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2021.12.08 16:03 40Stacks UK Omicron hospital admissions could reach 1,000 a day - scientific advisers

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2021.12.08 16:03 Squeeze_Magnet $CEI On Breakout watch $1.19 ✅ would swing up to $1.27

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2021.12.08 16:03 True_Egg_5685 Is it okay to divorce somebody because they don't satisfy your sexual needs?

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2021.12.08 16:03 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Former police officer Kim Potter faces charges in Daunte Wright’s death ¦ ABC News on Youtube

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2021.12.08 16:03 Concrete_SOLE History of certain bundles or releases

Hey guys. Im trying to figure out a way to find out what exactly came out with pops that released in the past. For example, some pops drop with just the pop but a few that im trying to collect dropped with Tshirt bundles and things like that but on the collectors guide it doesn't speak about Tshirt bundles. I only found out about that when hunting for that specific pop. Is there anyway to learn this or find this info for older pops ?
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2021.12.08 16:03 AgroSun Luna in the Window

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2021.12.08 16:03 BeastMasterSage Final Destination: 23 Years Later Cont. 5

The Next Day, a ceramony for the Helicopter accident is being held, Carlos then realizes that Robin blocking her empathic ablities and distancing from Him, Alex and Others is also part of Death's New Plan. Alex is Horrified hearing this, they decide to go to Robin and warn her. unknown to them and the small crowd, Reilly, In order to not get attention to himself he shoots a warning shot screaming to get people out. The People scream out of the building, Carlos, Dustin and Dustin's Mom are separated from Alex who's trying to warn Robin, Stuck inside is Carlos, Dustin and his mom trying to find another way out, then they encountered Reilly who blames Carlos for Sasha's Death, To their horror, They learned Reilly heard their plan and conversation about Rhonda all along.. Dustin and Carlos fight Reilly, as he reaches into his pocket he pulls out his gun, Reilly hits Carlos knocking him out. He then Shoots both Dustin and his Mom. Then in the chaotic moment Robin witnessed this and tries to warn Alex, But Reilly catches Robin off guard takes her hostage. Forcing her at gunpoint to take them to the hospital to get Rhonda. Alex and Aaron wakes Carlos up, even though disheartned by Dustin's Death, he realizes Reilly's going to steal the baby's lifespan, Alex encourages Carlos to help save Robin and Rhonda. Carlos and Aaron follow his lead to race towards the Hospital. Robin tries to convince Reilly that he and the others will be free from death's list if the baby is born, Reilly rebuffs this by mocking her rejection of being Alex's Daughter, He then sees Alex's Motorcycle, Aaron's Firetruck and two squad cars giving chase.
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2021.12.08 16:03 loki_1337 Started Hosting a BTFS Node

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2021.12.08 16:03 Supersandje Cubase crashes with a BZZZZZZZT and now the project I am working on had disappeared completely! Of the grid.

Hi guys,
If I had any hair on my scalp, I'd be pulling it out right now. I was working on one of my projects and suddenly Cubase 8.5 freezes with a BZZZZZZT going about.
Cubase crashes soon after and my whole project is gone, the audio files, the .cpr files, the .bak files, literally the whole shabam of this particular project is gone....
It was hours, maybe days of work. Does anyone have the fix? :(
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