Please let us earn Winter Epohh Tags through doff jobs in addition to the PvP race

2021.12.08 15:43 trekpuppy Please let us earn Winter Epohh Tags through doff jobs in addition to the PvP race

Cryptic, not all of us enjoy the PvP race for various reasons. Please add a few doff jobs that reward those Winter Epohh Tags. Or even better, make them tradable so they can be sold and bought on Exchange. And why not add them to the dil store why you're at it?
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2021.12.08 15:43 Rumi045 Angela Deep Dive

It would of been nice to learn more about Angela’s character arch like was done with Akecheta. Angela was there from the beginning with Dolores and Akecheta, but unlike Akecheta she unquestionably follows Dolores instructions. She definitely seems to have a mind of her own and understanding of the big picture.
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2021.12.08 15:43 watchmework23 Galaxy S10 upgrade

I plan on upgrading to the S22 at the beginning of the year. Assuming there is no SD card slot in the 22 I have no idea what do do with my pics. Can anyone help or recommend something? Would prefer not to use Google pics or Amazon. Can explain more of needed.
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2021.12.08 15:43 SourDisel47 Help us add life to our strange dining room & kitchen area!

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2021.12.08 15:43 Billycatnorbert Does She Actually Like Me???

I met someone online last week. We were going to meet up last weekend but we had to cancel because her parents wouldn’t let her out. We’re planning on meeting up this Friday. We tend to text quite a lot. Usually for about 15-30 minutes at a time, or sometimes for about 2 hours before bed. We called each other two days ago and talked on the phone for an hour and I got a voice message from her afterwards telling me how she really enjoyed it. She said she never calls anyone because they make her feel really awkward and weird, but I didn’t make her feel like that and she really loved it. She keeps saying I’m really cute and I’ve been sending messages every day asking how her day has been and stuff which she says she loves. BUT Between texts, she can disappear a lot, sometimes for up to 4-6 or maybe even 8 hours at a time, not including sleep. A few times I’ve seen online it says she’s been active hours ago which makes sense, but a few times it’s said she was active only minutes before and she hasn’t opened my messages. Then I won’t hear from her till even hours after that. This is essentially my first time dealing with someone who appears to be interested in me romantically, and I don’t know how to spot good or bad signs. Is this a bad sign? Or is this something that some people do?
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2021.12.08 15:43 Bertelxi Can i get deactivated for a low acceptance rate? I just started grubhub a few days ago and i'm still getting used to it so my acceptance rate is 20%.

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2021.12.08 15:43 TigranKhach Delusions

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2021.12.08 15:43 PowerfulSponge Fantastic 4 #5 uncommon is 10$ cheaper than the common? Has the world gone mad?

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2021.12.08 15:43 The_Only_Pug_Bug Multiplayer Packs (XBox 1S)

So apparently I'm missing Multiplayer Pack 1 and MultiplayeSpecial Ops Compatability Pack 2. I can't download them but even going to manage games on Modern Warfare it says I have everything downloaded soooo I'm not sure what to do. Seems we're all going through it.
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2021.12.08 15:43 jenniferdallas Did I mess up?

I started getting lazy and was talking my pill later than I should’ve so I started spotting. I decided to just stop talking the pill to just give myself my period but after missing 3 pills I was over my period and took 2 pills on what would’ve been my 4th day of no pill. Still bleeding. Will my period stop or not until I give it a full week of no pill? Should I take the pill today?
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2021.12.08 15:43 _jessicalol Math Homework Help

Find local maximum and minimum of f. f(x)=(x-4)2/3
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2021.12.08 15:43 Novinha134 Quem quiser falar putaria sem limite dessa vadia chama dm.

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2021.12.08 15:43 philismysugardaddy Please help!!!

Does anyone know when will the final episode of duskwood will be released?
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2021.12.08 15:43 EmOnlyHalfAsGood On This Day, in 2011, Roger Taylor announced the band members selected for the Queen Extravaganza tribute band.

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2021.12.08 15:43 DC2O9 Zekrom raid now. 8230 7981 0887

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2021.12.08 15:43 Zyrocks "Inflation is making it hard for the company, there's no place for growth right now."

What I've been hearing for the last year. At least it transitioned from covid to inflation.
However.... local sales are up, another factory is opening up due to high demand, export sales have gone up and the owners have been on vacation at least once every 3 months but of course, there's no cash for a raise even an inflation raise which they already increased their product prices so they don't lose.
In frustrates me that they whine about inflation and tell us "everything is so much more expensive" yet they don't raise our salary.
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2021.12.08 15:43 Unawakened_potential Recruiting question: Work with multiple?

I am currently in “Limbo” with my application process due to the new policy that was introduced Dec. 1st. What’s holding me back is that I got prescribed ADHD meds from a psych office not a doctor. I am 28 years old and I’ve been only prescribed this medicine for 3 months so far. My last refill was Nov 7 and I cancelled my prescription this month. That being said. I’m pretty anxious to start my career in the army. I was suppose to leave Jan 10th but this policy fucked that up. My recruiter is pretty much a “newbie” at this job so.. should I work with multiple army recruiters to get the ball rolling? Lmk.
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2021.12.08 15:43 Independent_Jelly_46 CINÉMA L’AMOUR Jeudi09(7-11H)

Allo, J’organise une orgy au Cinéma L’amour, Jeudi 09 a partir de 7h jusqu’à 11h. On veut des hommes ET DES FEMMES ouverts d’esprits qui veulent avoir du sex cochon, tout le monde a poils ! Venez essayer une nouvelle expérience, ne ratez pas celle la ! Le maximum de femme est la bienvenues , les couples sont invités à nous rejoindre dans la salle commune en bas, ne soyez pas timides !
On préfère garder un ratio homme/femme assez équilibré donc les hommes seuls venez accompagner, faites un effort pour le plaisir de tous ;)
Nous avons hâtes !
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2021.12.08 15:43 iSpeakItaliano 8 Dicembre - Festa dell'Immacolata - Scopri la storia della festa e completa l'esercizio su

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2021.12.08 15:43 Ambush_BugDTM Hendekabelt: Sushi-Belt Mall Madness

Hendekabelt: Sushi-Belt Mall Madness TL;DR: An ILS-connected sushi-belt mall, but with that extra bucket of insanity you've all come to expect from Bug's Interstellar Emporium toolkit.
A dark portent of what's to come...
Heya, Engineers!
Today I'm bringing you a blueprint that's not only a functional ship-everythng mall, but also a showcase of just what kind of insanity you can get up to with blueprints, vertical belts, and a keen desire to make sushi belts work in a practical way. And of course, it's exchanger powered and makes its own warpers to boot, so it can function as a "black start" mall on remote planets in your empire.
Background Reading First, a little background for the newer pilots among us. DSP's endgame requires tons and tons of buildings as you make more and more installations to fulfill the late-game science requirements. Most of the time, folks just hook up their old homeworld factories to interstellar logistics and let the buildings ship that way. Others make dedicated factory modules for specific items; belts are a good example of a high-volume item that's often done this way.
But sometimes folks want something cooler or more centralized or both. The usual solution is a "mall", basically a big factory that makes all the buildings for you in one place. There are LOTS of mall blueprints--some in pieces you assemble and hook up manually, some that only deal with the "endgame" buildings (like MK3-only stuff), and there's quite a few early-game mini-malls made to handle a particular subset of buildings and require only ores to be belted in.
This blueprint, however, is a particular variant of a mall known as a "sushi-belt mall". The term sushi-belt means a conveyor belt that doesn't carry just one ingredient, but several in a repeating pattern. (As I understand it, the term comes from the literal food-conveying belts in some sushi restaurants.) This is not the only such sushi-belt mall out there, but I guarantee there's not another quite this, uh, insane.
Why make such a belt? It makes the supply of components easier to run through your mall factory--instead of a bunch of separate supply lines for the twenty-plus ingredients one needs to make all buildings, you have just one. You can then line up assemblers along it and each assembler grabs stuff from one side and outputs to another.
I've experimented with sushi belts and malls before. Back in the "MultiBuild" days (a mod that gave us blueprints before the official blueprint function came out) I made a snap-together sushi-belt mall that used only MK1 components, the "Mark One Mall". It worked, but it was very slow, both to assemble for early-game engineers and in its manufacture speed.
It mainly taught me that there are some big problems to solve with sushi-belt malls.
Sushi Belt Problems
  1. They're slower. For example, a single belt that would handle 30 iron ingots per second now carries much less iron due to sharing space with other ingredients.
  2. Input starving: an assembler that takes all the iron off a sushi-belt will keep other assemblers down the line from getting the iron they need.
  3. There are leftovers. Not every ingredient gets used all the time, so whatever's left on the belt has to be dealt with.
  4. Sushi belts can jam. If #3 isn't taken care of, the belts can jam up and require manual intervention to un-jam, which is not good behavior in a mall that supplies all your buildings.
I think I've taken a good stab at solving all of those issues. Granted, it's not a simple solution--in fact, it gets fiendishly complex in a more than a few places. But "fiendishly complex" is kind of my bag these days, since I've gotten away from the "scale up everything" endgame and into the "build crazy things on dedicated workshop planets" game.
As for the four points above, let's tackle them in reverse order.
#3 and #4 are intricately related. Starting with #4, if you can't smoothly integrate the leftovers into the supply feed, your belt is gonna jam, period. Thankfully, this specific problem is a fairly straightforward solve. A T-junction where the new stuff comes in from the side and the old stuff takes the straight path (and thereby has priority over the new stuff) does the trick. As you'll see, straightforward isn't always "simple", though.
#3 is a bit trickier, as it's a two stage multiplexing/demultiplexing problem. You've got to take a bunch of separate belts and crunch them together using splitters such that everything is put on the belt in its proper proportion--that is, multiplexing. A little tedious to wire it all together, but no single part is tougher than the various problems we solve in our regular factory lines. The hard part is separating all the ingredients back out, or demultiplexing.
Likewise, #1 and #2 are also a tightly-integrated problem. You can absolutely make a single-belt sushi factory and it will work, but it will be very slow. Using standard layouts, it's not terribly difficult to then make a triple-belt sushi-factory--three sorters on one side to feed ingredients, then the rest of the assembler for output. I've made those too, and the trouble there is that a lot of buildings require more than three ingredients. If you have a five-ingredient building trying to pull stuff off three sushi-belts, you have to make extra sorters and belt them in from the side, and all of those sorters have to be filtered--you can't leave sorters without filters in a sushi-belt, because eventually stuff will be grabbed in just the wrong order with unfiltered sorters and jam up the assembler.
Solving Problems, First Attempt It's at this point I took inspiration from a classic Onion article: FIVE BLADES BELTS. And because I didn't want to deal with routing five belts past and through a bunch of splayed-out sorters (3 on one side, two on the other, with one left for output, not to mention all the intermediary assemblers for in-situ stuff), I stacked 'em on top of each other. Five stacked belts meannt I just needed a single straight run of the sushi belts, and all the complex belting happened in each assembly module.
I'd gotten that far and made a few test assembler modules before I'd seen the vertical-belt stuff. Integrating that was a huge help, as it made the modules much easier to pack into a small space.
...and then it ground to a halt. It halted because I'd gotten hooked on the idea of a huge multiplexer that evenly distributed stuff across each belt and smoothly handled the de-multiplexing as well. It worked great, smooth as silk and couldn't jam once it got going.
The key phrase here is "evenly distributed". Every component had equal space on the five belts. Problem is, a mall doesn't need a perfecly-even spread of all the ingredients for the buildings. As an example, there's only one building that use Titanium Ingots, the Planetary Logistcis Station. But with an even mix, there was more titanium on the belt than was actually needed, and it was stealing space that could be used for other ingredients.
It did work, and better than my previous attempts, but it was nowhere near as fast I would like it to be.
Doing the Math For a Second Attempt So I took some time and dove into the wiki and in-game recipes and punched everything into Excel. I promptly ran into a scope-and-scale problem: my five belts could throw 9,000 components downrange per minute, but a mall that makes all buildings and does so at or near MK3 assembler speed requires right around 19,000 components per minute.
That's almost eleven full belts of stuff, and as the worksheet showed, all in different amounts. Suddenly, it made perfect sense why five evenly-mixed belts were slower than I'd like.
Uh, whoops.
More math followed, the basic idea being to group all these various numbers into chunks of 1,800 items/minute to fit them nicely onto a MK3 belt. Some components, like iron, got dedicated belts with the extra mixed into another. A fair number were two to a belt, but not evenly mixed, plus a handful of three-per-belt and a couple of four-per-belt mixes.
Then came a lot of muliplexer prototypes, these using splitters that fed into each other in different ways along with mixed belt speeds to produce varying ratios of items. For example, a splitter that has three MK3 belts in and one out can produce a nice 1200/600 per minute ratio if two of the inputs are the same item. A splitter with two input belts, one a Mk3 and one a Mk1, will instead make 1440/360 per minute ratio.
(And yes, you could add those together. Combining the outputs of two examples above into another splitter would make for a 720/180/600/300 belt, though it could get a litle messy demultiplexing all that. An exercise for the dedicated sushi aficionados! Check the "construction kit" print to get your copy of those 'plexers; don't worry, they're labeled with the ratios.)
I didn't get my multiplexers down to the exact numbers required due to space and complexity concerns, but I got everything pretty close. Some items (steel, for instance) are a little short since I didn't want to try and jam the leftover 100/minute onto another belt. Others are a little oversupplied, like grav lenses. Thankfully oversupply isn't much of an issue, as the multiplexers will only feed in new stuff as it gets consumed, so along with the initial outlay of filling the belt and 'plexer, overall usage is pretty sedate. The undersupply of steel is likewise not that large of an issue; it's way faster than other sushi-belt implementations I've done, and in most cases, folks don't pull every single steel-requiring building out of the supply at once.
This is a functional piece of equipment that does indeed fulfill its goals--make everything at or near MK3 assembler speeds in a single blueprint--but it is more intended as a showcase, so razor-sharp efficiency takes a backseat to showing off the various Crazy Things.
Speaking of...
Time to show what we've got!
Real-time monitoring!
This is the real-time monitor for belt components, located at the butt end of the mall. It's got item legends on each side, and color coding to make it easier to correlate which monitor goes with which item. This isn't strictly necessary to make the mall work, but it does give a quick indicator if a belt's jammed--all of its monitors go red. I mainly used it when I was constructing the whole works to monitor item proportions and verify that assemblers weren't being starved.
The whole thing
This is a self-powering mall--it's not connected to any power grid here. Showcase or not, it serves as a handy way to speed up shipping for remote construction projects. Just plunk it down on a planet with the necessary room and let its exchangers handle the rest. There's enough power to juice up all the ILS from scratch in a few minutes, and enough accumulator bufferage to handle spikes.

The construction kit
One of the things I learned super quickly when making this was that having a yard full of prefabs was immeasurably helpful. The stair-step belts in particular were extra useful, particularly for the eldritch horror that was the plane-smelter module. Speaking of...
Plane smelters in-situ...
...and exposed.
Yeah. The miner-smelter-redsmelter module was definitely an experience to make. I was going wtih the restriction of "3 units wide modules where possible", as I didn't know exactly how much room I'd need. I could probably slim this down a bit knowing what I know now, but frankly, this is just a beautiful piece of belt-bending I had to keep it as-is.
The first multiplexers
Here are the multiplexers for the second and third belts, stacked atop each other. The slower MK1 belt combined with the MK3 belt makes for a nice 4-1 ratio.
The first demultiplexers
Here's the reverse, showing how the splitters use filtering to demuliplex the belt. The five-belt even-mix version of this used a 6x3 vertical stack as a demultiplexer--really cool, but man what a pain. These are much simpler.
Three inputs.
Four inputs. Note the single Mk2 belt connecting top and bottom.
Here's the 3- and 4-input plexers. 3-input uses a couple of MK1 inputs and a Mk3, while 4-input is all MK3...except for a single section of Mk2 connecting the top and bottom splitters, which slows down the items there just enough to make for uneven proporitions. (The bottom one, circuit boards, is the fastest one in this example)
A plexer in an assembly module
Oil Extractors and Refineries use the exact same components, but we use a boatload more refineries than we do extractors. This pair of splitters (first used in the FFF-05B "Grabby Hands" sorter supply from Fetchingly Fast Furnishment) takes the plasma exciters that are made here and doles them out, with 3 of every 4 going to the refinery assembler that's out of frame up top and the leftover going to the extractor assembler.
It's a rollercoaster!
"Rollercoaster belting" is danged useful for compact assembler modules. Here it allows the three antimatter containment assemblers to use a single-wide belt to handle all their output and feed it to the artificial sun assembler without going outside the 3-unit-wide boundary. The basic construction method is like so: place assemblers, place belt dots for each sorter, hook up sorters, then paste in the up and down vertical belts on the belt dots. Then connect the tops.
Not quite so crazy!
In constrast to the "Plane Smelters Are an Eldritch Horror" module from earlier, the launcheexchangecollider module is a sedate walk in the park. Shared components are belted between each assembler (note how frame material comes in and doubles back on itself to go over the two sorters feeding in titanium alloy) while the unique components are pulled in with some simple vertical grabbers.
Outbound bufferage
Some of the items made here are buffered like they are in the various Fetchingly Fast Furnishment collection blueprints. MK3 and MK2 assemblers (for you blackboxers out there), chemical plants, matrix labs, blue belts, MK3 and MK2 sorters, and especially Ray Receivers. Those and a few more items feed into a storage box, which then has a high-speed output into the ILS. The ILS is configured for a reasonable load size (200 MK2 Assemblers, for example) to prevent over-shipping. ILS sends a ship and the box refills that small load really quickly.
As configured it should work well for most folks, but of course you can modify the sliders!
Warp Station and Power
Last but not least, here's the "Warp Station". This tower handles the Unipolar Magnet supply for Plane Smelters, and it also is the mall's supplier of power and warpers. As configured, it requests warpers locally and green cubes remotely, manufacturing cubes into warpers that are then belted to every other ILS. You can flip the switches there as you like, if you want to just have it demand warpers remotely, though the manufacture-from-cubes method is way more efficient in shipping costs. A thousand cubes will keep this mall going for a loooooooong time.
And, as to be expected from me, the whole works runs off exchanger power. It's preconfigured to request a fat load of batteries, the idea being that this is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal. It'll chew through a couple hundred of them pretty quick at the start while everything spools up and the ILS and accumulators all get charged, but after that it's a pretty reasonable trickle.
You can of course hook this up to mains power! If you don't want to mess with the exchangers or don't do the No Hazmat Permit thing, just clear the battery slots in the ILS and you're done.
And that's pretty much it! As always, thanks to u/LudusMachinae for their help in learning the finer points of vertical belting--couldn't have done it without ya!
I hope this piece of Mad Science inspires others to create their own Frankenstein works!
(And feel free to copy out the various modules for inspection!)
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2021.12.08 15:43 maxair123 The top 9 centre-backs playing in Scotland right now including Connor Goldson, John Souttar and Cameron Carter-Vickers

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2021.12.08 15:43 SnooApples4442 This fact managed to be both interesting as fuck and not interesting at all

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2021.12.08 15:43 sexypianonotes [FOR HIRE] Hey folks! I'm short of money and I have opened my commissions quite a while ago, but nobody really gave me any requests... Because of Xmas and Black Friday, things are gonna be a bit cheaper this time!

[FOR HIRE] Hey folks! I'm short of money and I have opened my commissions quite a while ago, but nobody really gave me any requests... Because of Xmas and Black Friday, things are gonna be a bit cheaper this time! Pixel Art only!
Headshot: 15$
Weapon Sprites: 25$
8-Bit Full Character: 40$
Canvas Size: 32x32 or 64x64 (+15$ for 64x64)
Images will be exported at original size or 300% upscaling for better viewability (Free) Here are some of my works!
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2021.12.08 15:43 cryptothrowaway27 When a card isn't performing, what is your plan of attack?

If card can be RMA'd that's my first move but if the card is old, well, I'm kind of scratching my head at what to do next.
I've got a very underperforming 1080ti that is only showing 31mh/s (just running NHOS) but if you turn off all the other cards and look at the rig stats, it only shows 5-8mh/s actual so something is clearly up. I've pulled the heat sync and reapplied thermal paste but that didn't seem to change much.
Is anyone repairing their own cards? Sending them off anywhere to get repaired? I've got a solder station and am fairly handy with electronics but haven't opened up a GPU yet. I just hate chunking this thing in the trash. I've moved on to mostly 2xxx and 3xxx cards but kept a few 1080ti's.
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2021.12.08 15:43 Own_Height_9362 wts

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